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a customized solution

Control of IT costs ...more information Enhanced IT security
Hosting enables any organization to access normally expensive technologies and reserved for a minority.

The purchase of the necessary infrastructure in the DataCenter to the infog load. Difficulties related to the purchase and maintenance of servers is no longer the responsibility of customers who rent its infrastructure to its needs.

Hosting contracts include ensuring permanent access to stored data and ensuring the integrity and security of data at a price based on customer volume.
Data are strategic resources for the company. They should only be accessible to authorized persons. Access must be secure both physically and electronically.

The infrastructure is equipped with firewalls and antivirus designed to prevent unauthorized manipulation of stored data. Correcting security vulnerabilities patches are regularly applied to secure data.

On the physical level, access to the data center is strictly controlled under constant video surveillance. Security guards keep watch day and night, and only authorized individuals have access.
Customized solution Efficient and secure access
According infog needs upgraded its infrastructure to meet the demands of our customers.

In a highly competitive environment, notr e challenge for each year is to provide competitive benefits in perfect harmony with the expectations of our customers.

We mobilize all our energy to satisfy our customers. The answer is Yes, but what is the question ;)
The servers are connected to the internet permanently via a high-speed connection. Data is accessible round the clock and from anywhere.

Installed on the latest generation of hardware and software at the cutting edge of technology, providing full redundancy of all components in total safety.

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